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Friday, July 22, 2011

Advertising Slogans Game

My grandmother is turning 90 years old and we are celebrating this milestone with a big birthday bash. It's pretty amazing that a 90 year-old has presented us with a 70 person guest list! I hope I have that many friends when I'm 90. But my grandma is a very friendly, loving person and I'm not surprised so many people care about her.

My mom was worrying that there wouldn't be enough entertainment available. I mean, it's not like a water balloon toss or limbo contest are going to fly with the octogenarians and nonagenarians in attendance. This party will also be an open house format, so people will be coming and going all day - not really conducive to a structured game-time.

Of course we'll have the usual birthday party events like cutting the cake, singing "Happy Birthday," and opening presents - AND great food - which in my opinion is really entertainment enough. But, to engage people and spark conversation, I came up with the game below - "Match the Slogan with the Product". I will just have a stacks of the Matching Game on the various tables, and if people want to look at it, they can. No pressure, no organization. Just something to do and discuss while guests are chatting.

The good thing about a game like this is that it's multi-generational - older people will know answers that the younger crowd won't, and vice versa. Companies have done such a good job infiltrating our lives with these slogans, that most people will be able to do this game. I think this would be a fun activity or icebreaker for a 70th, 80th, 90th, or 100th birthday party.  Or even for a Mad Men theme cocktail party??

So, without further ado, here is the game I came up with. You should be able to click on the photos and get a google documents that you can print. The first photo is the front of the game and the answer key is the second photo below. (You should print the answer key on the back of the game.)

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